SY-50-250 Heating Circulators

Product No : SY-50-250

Pros :

  • GWSI SY-50-250 Heating Circulators is trusted by top research labs and universities.
  • PID control enures temperature accuracy ±0.5℃.
  • Unique water cooling function instead of natural cooling.
  • You can use GWSI SY-50-250 heating circulators to heat your reactors up to 250°C.


GWSI SY-50-250 Heating Circulators Workshop

GWSI produce your SY-50-250 Heating Circulators at large and modern factory. There are hundreds of workers and equipment to ensure you will get a quality Heating Circulators.

GWSI support OEM, ODM service for lab equipment brands, you will get fast and professional response from GWSI.

GWSI SY-50-250 Heating Circulators Material

GWSI SY-50-250 Heating Circulators use first-class materials when sourcing raw materials.

Your Heating Circulators has a smoothe appearance as GWSI use CNC machine to process heating circulators shell.

GWSI SY-50-250 Heating Circulators Package

GWSI use better package solutions to solve your concern on shipping. GWSI has cooperated with reliable forwarder to deliver your heating circulator.

You can discuss with GWSI if you have any special requirements on heating circulator package.

SY-50-250 Heating Circulators Specification

Model SY-50-250
Temp Range RT~250℃
Temp Stability ±0.5℃
Pump Flow 42l/min
Pump Pressure 2.8 bar
Power Supply 3~, 380V, 50Hz
Bath Fluid Filling Volume 13L
Dimensions 430W*690D*1225H mm
Net Weight 120kg

Compare Specifications

Model SY-20-250 SY-50-250 SY-100-250
Temp Range RT~250℃ RT~250℃ RT~250℃
Temp Stability ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Pump Flow 42l/min 42l/min 100l/min
Pump Pressure 2.8 bar 2.8 bar 1.5 bar
Power Supply 220V~240V, 50Hz 3~, 380V, 50Hz 3~, 380V, 50Hz
Dimensions 430W*690D*1075H mm 430W*690D*1225H mm 640W*940D*1585H mm
Net Weight 60kg 120kg 185kg