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SY-20-250 Heating Circulators

Product No : SY-20-250

Pros :

  • GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators is suitable for multi process.
  • Compact structure for fast heating and small footprint.
  • SUS 304 parts for fast heat exchange and long service life.
  • GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators designed with Bright LED for easy setting and clear display.


GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators Workshop

GWSI is a trustworthy company making lab equipment of international standards. Reliable circulation pump and custom heater provide fast heating and powerful circulation.

GWSI has a world-class heating circulators factory equipped with cutting-edge equipment. You can notice that GWSI has used premium quality stainless steel

GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators Material

GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators structure consist of high grade 304 stainless steel. You can use it to do reaction in different conditions.

GWSI has been manufacturing and supplying SY-20-250 heating circulators for 19 years. We use a laser cutting machine for big metal parts, use CNC machine cencer to process fine parts.

GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators Package

GWSI quality control team will carry out a series of quality inspections before shipment and write down all test results.

You can ask GWSI to assist with Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ).

SY-20-250 Heating Circulators Specification

Model SY-20-250
Temp Range RT~250℃
Temp Stability ±0.5℃
Pump Flow 42l/min
Pump Pressure 2.8 bar
Power Supply 220-240V~ 50Hz
Bath Fluid Filling Volume 9L
Dimensions 430W*690D*1075H mm
Net Weight 60kg

Compare Specifications

Model SY-20-250 SY-50-250 SY-100-250
Temp Range RT~250℃ RT~250℃ RT~250℃
Temp Stability ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Pump Flow 42l/min 42l/min 100l/min
Pump Pressure 2.8 bar 2.8 bar 1.5 bar
Power Supply 220V~240V, 50Hz 3~, 380V, 50Hz 3~, 380V, 50Hz
Dimensions 430W*690D*1075H mm 430W*690D*1225H mm 640W*940D*1585H mm
Net Weight 60kg 120kg 185kg