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GWSI Heating Circulators

GWSI heating circulators meet the requirements in the life science, bioengineering, chemical, and pharmaceutical field. You get heating bath circulator having superior-class stainless steel bodies. Therefore, they don’t catch rust easily.

GWSI circulator heating system gives you precise control over the temperature, thanks to the PID controller. You also get several features such as overload protection, over-temperature alarm, and over-current protection.

GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators

SY-20-250 Heating Circulators

GWSI SY-20-250 Heating Circulators is anti-corrosion with stainless steel material.

Suitable for Petrochemical.

Main Data

  • Model: SY-20-250
  • Temp Range: RT~250℃
  • Temp Stability: ±0.5℃
  • Pump Flow: 42l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 2.8 bar
SY-50-250 Heating Circulators from GWSI

SY-50-250 Heating Circulators

You can adjust the fluid temperature quickly with  to SY-50-250 Heating Circulators.

Suitable for process reaction.

Main Data

  • Model: SY-50-250
  • Temp Range: RT~250℃
  • Temp Stability: ±0.5℃
  • Pump Flow: 42l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 2.8 bar

SY-100-250 Heating Circulators

GWSI SY-100-250 Heating Circulators features in closed circulatory system.

Suitable for experiments.

Main Data

  • Model: SY-100-250
  • Temp Range: RT~250℃
  • Temp Stability: ±0.5℃
  • Pump Flow: 100l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 1.5 bar

Your Premium Heating Circulators Manufacturer

GWSI is a reputable heating circulators manufacturer in China. We provides heating circulators, rotary evaporators and more to thousands of reputable labs across Europe and the United States.

You do not need to worry about the quality of GWSI circulator heating system. It can heat liquid at temperatures from room temperature to +250 °C. you can also buy heating circulators accessories from GWSI.

GWSI has a state-of-the-art workshop where 200+ professionals work to develop world-class heating bath circulators. You can also watch real-time videos of our factory to boost your confidence and testify our capabilities.

Heating Circulators Processing Machine

As leading synthetic heating circulator supplier, GWSI manufacture heating circulators with brands equipment such as CNC lathe to ensure precise size for heating circulators appearance.

As leading heating circulators manufacturer, GWSI has independent workshop to produce heating circulators in high efficiency. 

Heating Circulators Quality Control

GWSI supply you reliable heating circulators meeting international quality standards. You will receive your heating bath circulator after a complete inspection from GWSI QC team. GWSI keeps written inspection records for every quality examination step.

GWSI has a complete quality control system to guarantee heating circulators quality. Just contact GWSI to learn more details today.

GWSI Heating Circulators Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need

GWSI temperature control products workshop

Heating Circulators Workshop

Large & clean workshop

GWSI automaticaly cutting technique

Heating Circulators Technique

Precisely cutting technique

Heating Circulators Assembly from GWSI

Heating Circulators Assembly

Experienced workers for high eficiency

GWSI Heating Circulators quality check

Heating Circulators Quality Check

±5℃ QC control

GWSI Heating Circulators Package

Heating Circulators Package

Thickened foam package

GWSI Heating Circulators Support

Heating Circulators Support

24*7 technical support available

GWSI product catalog
Download Catalog
GWSI product catalog
Download Catalog

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Heating Circulators Parts List

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Heating Circulators Operating Guide

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Heating Circulators Trouble Shooting

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You will find practical ways to solve the common technical problems.

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What Is Heating Circulators?

What Is Heating Circulators

Heating circulators is closed water-cooling high temperature circulator providing cooling water with constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure.

Heating circulators heat the materials in the supporting reaction vessel through the heat transfer fluid outputed by the circulating pump.

Heating circulators is suitable for jacketed reactor, chemical pilot reaction, high temperature distillation, semiconductor industry, etc.

What Are The Types Of Heating Circulators?

Types Of Heating Circulators

Here is the truth:

Heating Circulators has different types based on the glass reactor’s volume.


Heating Circulators designed to work with glass reactors so it need to match with glass reactors specification.

The common types of Heating Circulators is SY-20-250 Heating Circulators, SY-50-250 Heating Circulators, SY-100-250 Heating Circulators and more.

Here we will explain them in details.

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How Does Heating Circulators work?


Heating Circulator uses heat transfer oil as the medium and carrier.

It is Driven by the circulating pump, the heat transfer oil quickly absorbs and takes away the heat released by the electric heater and at the same time raises its own temperature.

It flows through the heat-using equipment, and after absorbing heat and cooling down, it flows back to the circulating pump and returns to the heater for reheating.

In such a circulating flow, the temperature of the thermal equipment is increased, and the heating process requirements are automatically met.

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How to Choose Heating Circulators?

How to Choose Heating Circulators

Do you want to know what types of heating circulator to choose for your glass reactor?


Heating Circulator is mainly designed for glass reactor to make the synthetic reaction.

A reliable synthetic heating circulator supplier will confirm with you the following factors to help you find suitable type.

Glass Reactor Capacity

Here is the truth:

You need to know the capacity for your glass reactor when choosing heating circulators.

The larger capacity glass reactor will require larger flow for the heating circulator and you need to pay more money for it.

Instead, you just need to pay less if you choose a smaller one.

Temperature Range for Heating Circulator

This is another important factor about choosing heating circulator.

You should know what temperature degree you need before buying heating circulator. 

The highest temperature for glass reactor is 200℃ and it is recommend to choose heating circulator meeting this temperature range.

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