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DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers

Product No : DL30-2500

Pros :

  • GWSI DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers feature in stable performance.
  • GWSI DL30-2500 recirculating chillers equipped with world class compressor offers outstanding cooling capacity and reliability.
  • Strong structure for various conditions.
  • Composed of brands accessories.


GWSI DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers Workshop

GWSI manufacture DL30-2500 recirculating chillers at clean and high tech factory with 200+ workers.

There are hundreds of processing machine to ensure you receive a qualified recirculating chiller.

GWSI DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers Material

GWSI produce recirculating chiller with international brands spare parts and we test each material before manufacturing.

You can also import durable glass reactor and rotary evaporator from GWSI. We just choose top rated glass supplier to produce them.

GWSI DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers Package

GWSI use superior grade package for DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers. You will get your Recirculating Chiller in perfect status.

GWSI has 34+ years exporting experience and we know the detail requirement for different country customs.

DL30-2500 Recirculating Chillers Specification

Model DL30-2500
Temp Range -30~5℃
Temp Stability ±2℃
Pump Flow 20l/min
Pump Pressure 0.4bar
Power Supply 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
Bath Fluid Filling Volume 40L
Dimensions 650W*1055D*1070H mm
Net Weight 195kg

Compare Specifications

Model DL30-300 DL30-700 DL30-1000 DL30-2500 DL400CE DLSB-5/20A
Temp Range -30~5℃ -30~5℃ -30~5℃ -30~5℃ -15~25℃ -20~25℃
Temp Stability ±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃
Pump Flow 20l/min 20l/min 20l/min 20l/min 17l/min 20l/min
Pump Pressure 0.4 bar 0.4 bar 0.4 bar 0.4 bar 0.2 bar 0.4 bar
Power Supply 220V~240V, 50/60Hz 220V~240V, 50/60Hz 220V~240V, 50/60Hz 220V~240V, 50/60Hz 220V~240V, 50/60Hz 220V~240V, 50Hz
Dimensions 435W*690D*720H mm 465W*690D*820H mm 495W*760D*860H mm 650W*1055D*1070H mm 260W*410D*550H mm 335W*473D*684H mm
Net Weight 70kg 80kg 100kg 195kg 26kg 42kg