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Cold Trap For Vacuum Pump

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GWSI Cold Traps

GWSI manufacture cold traps with direct & indirect cooling type. GWSI cold traps are recognized and certified by government professionals. Each GWSI cold trap is composed of international brands condenser and environmental refrigerants.
You will get expert assistance with various certifications if you import cold traps and rotary evaporators from GWSI. Also, GWSI provides a 24/7 after-sales service.

Help to imporve working efficiency of vacuum equipment.

Suitable for laboratories in universities.

Main Data

  • Model: CT-40x
  • Bath Capacity: 5L
  • Min Temperature: -40℃
  • Cooling Capacity: 300W
  • Cooling Method: direct cooling

Suitable for acid solution and organic solvent experiments.

Suitable for petrochemical engineering.

Main Data

  • Model: CT-40
  • Bath Capacity: 5L
  • Min Temperature: -40℃
  • Cooling Capacity: 300W
  • Cooling Method: indirect cooling

The glass condenser is easy to open and close.

Suitable for fertilizer industry.

Main Data

  • Model: CT-80
  • Bath Capacity: 5L
  • Min Temperature: -80℃
  • Cooling Capacity: 300W
  • Cooling Method: indirect cooling

Your Premium Cold Traps Manufacturer

GWSI is a leading cold trap manufacturer with over 34 years experience. 240+ workers and engineers from different sectors work in GWSI cold traps factory. GWSI uses laser cutting machines for customizing the surface parts of cold traps. Therefore GWSI cold traps have a smooth surface. In addition, GWSI uses a CNC lathe to process your cold traps.

Every GWSI cold trap comes with a 1-year warranty. You will get free accessories for manufacturing defects. Also, GWSI offers real-time video viewing of our factory for complete client satisfaction.

Cold Traps Manufacturing

GWSI manufacture cold traps with eperience workers and high-technology equipment to meet different industry standards. GWSI has exported cold traps to European and Asian brands distributors to help them grow business.

You will get professional support on choosing suitable cold traps for your situation. Contact us to solve your problem now.

Cold Traps Quality Control

As a leading cold traps manufacturer, GWSI has our own dedicated quality control team. GWSI ensures industry and national standards for every cold trap you import. There is a unique ID to track every step in the cold traps production process.

Every cold trap should pass the performance safety test before leaving GWSI cold traps factory. Moreover, our QC team ensures different country’s standards by running tests before delivery.

GWSI Cold Traps Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need

GWSI cold traps workshop

Cold Traps Workshop

Modern workshop

CNC Machine center

CNC Machine Center

Highest processing precise

GWSI laser cutting Machine

Cold Traps Cutting

Laser cutting machine

GWSI temperature control quality check

Cold Traps Quality Test

Running test before package

GWSI Cold Traps Package

Cold Traps Package

Reliable package status

GWSI Cold Traps Delivery

Cold Traps Delivery

Work with reliable forwarder

GWSI product catalog
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GWSI product catalog
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Support Resource About Cold Traps

Cold Traps parts list from GWSI

Cold Traps Parts List

Here is the complete Cold Traps spare parts list from this article.

Cold Traps Operating Guide

Cold Traps Operating Guide

You can start to operate the cold traps in quick time with this guide.

Cold Traps Trouble Shooting

Cold Traps Trouble Shooting

You will find practical ways to solve the common technical problems.

Top 50 Cold Traps Manufacturers

Top 50 Cold Traps Manufacturers

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Cold Traps Installation Guide

Cold Traps Installation Guide

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Cold Traps Maintain Guide

Cold Traps Maintain Guide

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What Is Cold Traps?

What is Cold Traps

A cold trap is a trap that traps gas by condensation on a cooled surface. Cold trap is device for adsorbing gases or capturing oil vapors and placed between the vacuum container and the pump.

Cold Traps is a device that prevents vapor or liquid from entering a measuring instrument from a system, or from a measuring instrument entering the system.

A cold trap is a cooling device used to collect substances within a certain melting point range.

What Are The Types Of Cold Traps?

Cold Traps Types

Depending on the cooling method of the cold traps, there are two types cold traps: Indirect Cooling Cold Traps and Direct Cooling Cold Traps.

Here we introduce them in details.

Indirect Cooling Cold Traps


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How Does Cold Traps Work?

How Does Cold Traps Work

The working principle of cold trap is that the negative pressure reduces the boiling point of the solvent, captures the evaporated gas, and makes the evaporation process proceed quickly.

Cold trap processing is a cooling device used to collect substances within a certain melting point range.

Cold trap plays a role of separation.

You can put a U-shaped tube in the refrigerant when the gas passes through the U-shaped tube.

The substance with high melting point becomes liquid and the substance with low melting point passes through the U-shaped tube.

The cold trap can be used in conjunction with the vacuum centrifugal concentrator.

The use of the cold trap is beneficial to the condensation of water vapor on the one hand.

It improves the evaporation density of the organic solvent, making it easier to condense.

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How to Choose Cold Traps?

How to Choose Cold Traps

The cold trap is a device that captures moisture during the freeze-drying process.

Here is the tips on choosing cold traps for specific purpose.

Your material


If your object material need to freeze-dry at -50°C, a general direct or indirect cold trap is suitable.

However, if it needs -80°C temperature to freeze, a CT-80 Direct Cooling Cold Traps will be a better option for your goal.

To sum up, a CT-80 cold trap will be a good choice both for ordianry and special temperature materials.

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