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Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co, Ltd (GWSI) is a well-recognized lab equipment manufacturing company in China, exporting rotary evaporators, glass reactors and temperature control units to many countries. You can also let GWSI customize the glass reactors, rotary evaporators for your special need.

GWSI supply rotary evaporators with full cerifications.

You will get high quality customized glass reactors.

GWSI offer stable Refrigerated Heating Circulator with brands parts.

You can import quality cold traps directly from GWSI.

Your Reliable Rotary Evaporators & Glass Reactors Manufacturer

GWSI has been manufacturing high-quality rotary evaporators and glass reactors since 1988. Additionally, we are a United Nations Industrial Development Organization research site.

Our expert professors lead the research and development of lab equipment. GWSI has multi workshops dedicated to producing mini and large rotary evaporators, glass reactors, and temperature control systems.

GWSI Manufacturing Capacity For Rotary Evaporators & Glass Reactors

GWSI has professional workshop such as sheet metal workshop, low temperature workshop & assembly workshop and more workshops to produce your lab equipments.

GWSI Laser cutting machine for rotary evaporators, glass reactors & temperature control systems

Laser Cutting Machine

High efficiency & accurate cutting effect.

GWSI CNC Bending Machine for manufacturing glass reactors and rotary evaporators

CNC Bending Machine

Bending precisely without defects.

GWSI Automatic Fluorine Flushing Machine

Automatic Fluorine Flushing Machine

Keep temperature control system stable.

GWSI CNC Machining Center

CNC Machining Center

High precision at 0.0001mm.

GWSI Drilling & Milling Machine

Drilling & Milling Machine

 Drill customized types of holes.

GWSI leak detector for temperature control system units

Leak Detector

International brands detector for testing.

Recent Rotary Evaporator & Glass Reactors Projects For Global Clients



VACCUM PUMPS in Colombia

Become Rotary Evaporators & Glass Reactors Distributor In Your Country

As a leading manufacturer of rotary evaporators and glass reactors, Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co, Ltd (GWSI) is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and best possible service. 

If you are a lab equipment distributor and interested in carrying our products, please reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss our products and their potential benefits for your customers and your business.

Whether you are the seasoned lab equipment importer or fresh on this industry, GWSI will provide complete support to help you grow your busniess fast. GWSI can also offer OEM & ODM on rotary evaporators & glass reactors for your brand. 

You can get the prior production arrangement for your order. GWSI will package your rotary evaporators & glass reactors in thickened plywood fumigation-free wooden box for exporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to focus on the following factors when searching Reliable Rotary Evaporator Manufacturer in China.

Quality Control

This is most important as there is no unified standard for rotary evaporators in China. 

You should pay attention to how the manufacturer control their raw material and manufacturing quality.

A reliable manufacturer will use superior quality raw material to produce  rotary evaporators and glass reactors.

Research & Development Ability

Here is the truth:

Lab equipment need upgrade to meet the latest technology.

Manufacturer with strong R&D capability can provide advanced rotary evaporators and glass reactors to improve your usage experience.

Factory Management

rotary evaporators and glass reactors production need whole manufacturing equipment line.

A reliable rotary evaporators and glass reactors manufacturer will use high efficiency processing machine and management way to ensure product quality & cut down production cost.

Based on internet, the rotary evaporator might cost you at least $1200.

But this is not the real case.

There is not a fixed price on rotary evaporators from different brands and types.

You need to figure out the following issues when buying rotary evaporators.

Rotary Evaporators Types


There’re many types for rotary evaporators such as ordinary type and explosion proof type.

You will pay more for explosion proof rotary evaporators than general rotary evaporators.

Rotary Evaporators Capacity

You can choose 0.5L, 1L, 10L or even 100L rotary evaporators.

However, you have to spend more money on larger capacity rotary evaporators.

Rotary Evaporators Materials

This factor is easily neglected by most rotary evaporators importers.

You might be wondering:

Why this company is more expensive than that company?

Actually the quality of raw material decides the rotary evaporators price.

Rotary evaporators made of higher grade material usually cost more than ordinary material type.

The bottom line?

You should not just consider the price when sourcing rotary evaporators in China.

Instead, safety, quality and raw material grade is the first concern you need care.

You need to figure out the following questions before choosing suitable rotary evaporators.

The Rotary Evaporators Volume

You need to know the capacity of rotary evaporators as different capacity will impact your work efficiency.

The Temperature of Heating Bath

The general heating temperature is 60℃, you will require customized rotary evaporators if your heating temperature is higher than it.

Evaporating Flask Speed

The higher the rotating speed , the larger the heating area will be.

You should also know the rotating speed for your rotary evaporators.


Here are tips on operating  glass reactor needs 

1. Check whether the medium corrodes the main material


The medium impact your choice of glass reactor.

You will have to customize glass reactors if there’s severely corrosive reaction.

2. When loading the reaction medium, it should not exceed 2/3 of the liquid level of the kettle body.

3. It is strictly forbidden for the glass reactor to work under the condition of overpressure and overtemperature.

4. Be careful not to mix water or other liquids when adding heat transfer oil.

5. Connect the corresponding voltage according to the operating voltage of the controller.

6. When the final reaction temperature is determined, it is not allowed to change the temperature setting value during the heating process to avoid a large overshoot of the temperature

Yes, you can.

Rotary Evaporators and Glass Reactors manufacturers with strong development ability can customize the function for your case.

You need to provide your process flow, material viscosity & temperature and working time so the manufacturer can tailor your rotary evaporators and glass reactors accordingly.

If you can’t provide drawing, rotary evaporators and glass reactors manufacturer will discuss with you about the size issues.

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